Ray Briggs 2011 Rifle

1st Rifle Guided October 2011

I killed a 6X6 bull three and half hours into the first day's hunt. The first day, all four hunters had the opportunity to kill and two people missed. One was due to a rifle malfunction. The ride in was breath taking. The camp, clean but rugged, canvas tents and typical camp food, but lots of it. The guides we had were true elk guides and hunters. They knew where and how to hunt elk. We took three elk total. Should have had four, but rifle issues caused one hunter to miss two elk. I will book a hunt in 2015 with them again.

Best hunt I have ever had. If you can shoot, then you should get an elk. Those boys have a great sense of where the elk are. Base camp was around 10,500 feet so be prepared to suck air. It takes a bit of getting used to. We had some temperature swings: single digits to fifties, one snow shower. You will not have cell phone service or a way to charge your phone unless you bring in a solar charger. Take a camera. Bring a range finder. I hunt whitetails and can judge distance here in the east, but out there I was always off. I shot my elk at 179 yards. Hiking was very easy, trails are very easy on the feet.

I lived a TV show hunt. I had it all: surrounded by bugling elk, canvas tents, horses, camp fires. It was worth every dime and more. Again, book the hunt, live the dream, get your elk.

Ray Briggs
    Marion, North Carolina