Rudy Nix Houston Safari Club Past President Testimonial

September 16, 2011

Lee and Valerie

Thank you so much for your hospitality. I had a great time staying with you. I love Lee's enthusiasm for the fun of hunting and I am amazed at how cheery and pleasant you are Valerie despite all of the hard work that you do. The food and facilities were wonderful. Although I admit to being a little disappointed in the number of elk seen the first four days of hunting, the sight of that herd Dick and I saw this morning more than made up for it. That was the true wild elk experience I had hoped for. Even though I didn't really come close to a shot opportunity, I am not disappointed in the least. I went on this trip thinking I had no more than a 20% chance of harvesting a trophy, but i did want to see and hear wild elk in their world, and this morning was more than enough to fulfill that dream.

Good luck to Dick and the never-met-but-feel-like-I-know brother Neal. I hope the next time I get to come to Fishtail, they are both there, as I would be good at abusing him.

Thanks again, and see you soon

Rudy Nix

Board of Directors - Houston Safari Club