Michael Wengert 2012 Rifle

Lee and Valerie,

Your camp seems to be on the X for elk since we almost shot 2 big bulls the first 2 nights, 100 yards behind camp. If someone shoots the Bull with the yellow collar please forward a picture, or the very wide 6 X 6! I called in that collared bull for my partner just hours after Ernie dropped us off, and he came down that ridge from near the top but smelled Jim just as he was seconds from pulling the trigger. Possibly because we were wearing our camp slippers and street clothes not expecting that. We had a total of 3 close calls with elk and a few other Ghosts that only appeared for a brief second. I know I would like to get back in that place next year if possible. Ernie was awesome as usual, a great horse man and Loadmaster!

Michael Wengert
    Omaha, Nebraska