Don Albrecht 2012 Rifle

Future Hunter,

The experience at Fishtail Ranch was outstanding. I had a fantastic hunt. The guides work very hard to get the elk. I was impressed when I saw guides working to help other guides and hunters after their hunters had filled their tags. Also, the food was really great. We had a light cereal type breakfast at 6am, a big bacon & eggs type breakfast at 10:30 or 11am, light afternoon lunch at 2:30, and a large supper at 8pm. The lodge and rooms are very clean and well taken care of. Lee, his wife, and staff were very friendly and helpful in everything they did. The butcher shop they use did an excellent job of processing the meat and having it ready for us to take home. I got my elk on Monday and my buddy got his on Wednesday. I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone.

Don Albrecht
    Saginaw, Michigan