Connor Gasparini 2010 Rifle

Lee and Valerie,

What can we say other than THANK YOU! for a terrific hunt this past week. Your knowledge, experience, patience, and skill in the woods was absolutely critical to our success, and we were blessed to have had you guide us to such a wonderful Father/Son “buddy” hunt.

I tried to include at least one pic from each day we spent in the woods with you and I am sure you will remember or recognize the locations of each of them. Places like George’s ski runs, Bucket Road, the alpine meadow, the creek bottom just south of 512 and Grandpa’s Ridge now have special meaning to Connor and I.

I also have some nice “scenery pics” from our hunt and if you like, I can send them to you although I realize you spend 4 months a year enjoying God’s Country up close and personal!

Hope you enjoy the attached pics and best of luck to you and the entire “Team Fishtail” for a safe and productive rest of the season.

Happy Halloween!

Bob & Connor Gasparini
    Estero, Florida