How to obtain a preference point through the draw system in 2019

Application will be accepted beginning March 1, 2019, the deadline to apply is 8pm MT on April 2, 2019. Colorado Big Game license applications will only be accepted online at, or by phone: 1-800-244-5613 (24/7) Paper applications will no longer be accepted.

Go to:
Upper Right-hand Corner – Login to your account
You will need an identifier = your CIN number and password, if you don’t have it you may look it up. Enter your credentials and select “Sign in”

Confirm your account detail, making any corrections to the information displayed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, in the lower left hand corner it says “Going Hunting or Fishing?” just below that select “Add required information” and complete or correct the information there as well. Then Select “Confirm Details” in the lower righthand corner.

Next, select Licensing from the upper horizonal menu, drop down menu will appear, under Go Hunting select “Big Game & Turkey”

Select Resident or Non-Resident and then “Proceed” in the lower right corner. Next select “Hunting” from the left menu, Change the License Year at the top to 2019. Purchase a qualifying license, for non-resident hunters without a 2019 hunting license this will be the Nonresident Small Game Annual License for 2019. Select “Purchase (2019)” then click OK on the confusing pop up message about a 2018 license not qualifying you for the 2019 draw. Next, the Habitat Stamp (if required) will be added to your cart automatically, so if this notice appears select OK. You will then be prompted to enter your Hunter Education Number if it is not already on your profile. Select “Add to Cart”

Now WITH the “Nonresident Small Game Annual License for 2019” and your Hunter Safety number in your cart you may select “Big Game and Turkey” on the left menu, scroll down to to the species and select Elk. “Applications License Year: 2019” should now appear and you may select “Apply Now” on the right side of the screen.

If you are going to apply for a license and will be hunting with a group, select and enter the group number here. For Preference point only applicants, just leave the default and select “Proceed” on the right side of the screen.

If you have Preference Points your Balance will be displayed here.

In the #1 Choice Code enter the elk preference point only code E-P-999-99-P. Scroll down to the instruction that says “If I am unsuccessful in this drawing, please send me:” and select “Nothing”. If you will be hunting this fall and want to select an OTC or leftover license those options are presented, you will order the optional license. However there is no incentive to do so as the cost for your preference point application will no longer be reduced by having a license for that species. This is the primary change for 2019 applicants.

Select “Add to Cart” in lower right corner.

The cost for an Elk Preference Point ONLY will be $100.75 and will include:

  • A 2019 non-refundable non-resident small game hunting license $81.75 or another qualifying license with the associated fee.
  • A 2019 non-refundable habitat stamp $10.00 for hunters between the ages of 18 & 64
  • A $9.00 application fee for each species

There will be an additional $9.00 application fee for each species you obtain a preference point for, so if you apply for both an Elk and a Deer Preference Point in 2019 the total cost will be $109.75. Add any additional species in the same manner, code format is the same. Example: Deer preference point code is: D-P-999-99-P

When finished, select “Go to Cart”. Review the contents and enter a credit card for payment of today’s charges. There is a second credit card area for the card you want to use for any license purchases (Draw, OTC or Leftover) which will be charged when licenses are awarded or mailed.

Scroll down and select a delivery method (center of screen), either mail or pick up, and if mail, how fast do you want them to send it. Scroll on down to the bottom of the Terms and Conditions, check the I have read and agree box, and select “Submit Payment” in the lower right corner.

You will get a confirmation page indicating your order is complete.

Applications may be changed or corrected by the hunter through the same account login until the 8pm MT draw deadline April 2, 2019.

Use the 800 number at the top of this page to have your license or preference point application processed over the phone. For questions about the changes to the preference point system outlined here call Colorado Parks and Wildlife at 303-297-1192 (M-F, 8am-5pm MT)

Lee & Valerie Weiss

Licenced & Insured
     CO Outfitter #2528
     NM Outfitter #2887